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A Sumo tournament day

What is the schedule for a tournament day? A tournament runs for fifteen days, but not every day has the same schedule. Some days there are pre-sumo bouts, and there are different schedules for the eighth (middle), thirteenth, and final day. A day ...Read More

Sumo Pre-bout time

Are there limits to in-ring pre-bout time? The time that rikishi spend warming up in the ring is called “pre-bout time.” Makushita ranks and under have only two minutes, so they must begin their bout the second time they meet their oppone ...Read More

Sumo forbidden moves

What are the prohibited moves that result in an automatic loss? They are the following eight moves. Punching with a closed fist Intentionally pulling hair Jabbing at eyes, solar plexus, or other vital parts Pulling both ears at once Grabbing the fron ...Read More

Sumo bout decisions

How is a sumo bout decided? The rules are simple. It is easiest to think of it in terms of the loser. The first rikishi to touch the ring with anything except the bottoms of his feet is the loser. The first rikishi to touch any area outside of the ri ...Read More

Sumo judging committee

How many judges sit around the ring? For all ranks, there are five judges who sit around the ring to determine the outcome of bouts. This system has been in place since 1973. For makushita and lower bouts, the five judges take turns acting as the hea ...Read More

Dohyo (The Sumo ring)

What are the dimensions of the ring? The rikishi fight their bouts in the ring (dohyo) which is made according to precise specifications called the “Ring Rules.” How large is the ring? The height of the ring is 34-60 cm. Dirt is packed in ...Read More