Sumo Rikishi Wrestler - ARCHIVE

Sumo Training

What are the basic training exercises? The following are the four main exercises. shiko: Lift each leg in turn and bring it down. This exercise helps to balance a rikishi’s center of gravity and strengthen his legs and back. teppo: A rikishi fa ...Read More

Sumo Training School

Where is the Sumo Training School? It is in the Ryogoku Kokugikan (the Tokyo tournament hall). The school was established in 1957 to educate new JSA apprentices. Do all new apprentices enroll in the Sumo Training School? Yes, they are all required to ...Read More

Sumo Rikishi in the ring

How many official tournaments are there each year? Since 1958, there have been six tournaments a year, held on odd-numbered months. Originally, there were only two annual tournaments. A third was added in 1949, a fourth in 1953, and a fifth in 1957. ...Read More