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Sumo Kesho-mawashi

What is a kesho-mawashi? This is the colorful apron worn by sekitori during ringentering ceremonies. The flowing apron is called maedare. It is embroidered with pictures and the name of the rikishi. Do kesho-mawashi have sizes? No, they don’t, ...Read More

Makuuchi ring-entering

Who leads the makuuchi ring-entering ceremony? The gyoji leads. The rikishi come down the aisle in ascending order of rank. The east side comes down the east aisle and the west-side comes down the west aisle. When the ceremony is over, the rikishi re ...Read More

Sumo Yobidashi

Does the yobidashi have a uniform? The costume of yobidashi is not stipulated in the JSA rules, but the custom is to wear tatsuke-bakama, trousers that are fitted at the knee and then wrapped around the lower leg like gaiters. The most visible job of ...Read More