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A Sumo tournament day

What is the schedule for a tournament day? A tournament runs for fifteen days, but not every day has the same schedule. Some days there are pre-sumo bouts, and there are different schedules for the eighth (middle), thirteenth, and final day. A day ...Read More

Promotion to Yokozuna

What are the standards for promotion to Yokozuna? Promotion to yokozuna and ozeki must be preceded by unanimous approval of the JSA board of trustees. Standards for becoming a yokozuna include two consecutive tournament championships or a record equa ...Read More

Makuuchi ring-entering

Who leads the makuuchi ring-entering ceremony? The gyoji leads. The rikishi come down the aisle in ascending order of rank. The east side comes down the east aisle and the west-side comes down the west aisle. When the ceremony is over, the rikishi re ...Read More

Sumo Gyoji costume

Does the gyoji have a uniform? Yes. The outfit the gyoji wears is called gyoji sozoku or “costume of ancient nobles,” and it is required dress for gyoji in the ring. The gown and hat are a part of the costume, as is the all-important gunb ...Read More