Sumo Tickets

Where can tickets be purchased?

At Play-Guide, JTB, Nihon Ryoko, Ticket Saison, and Ticket Pia counters as well as at tournament halls. At the Kokugikan, there are 400-500 same-day seats available, all located in the very back, which go on sale at 9:00 a.m. on the day they are to be used.


What is a “sumo tea shop (chaya) “?

It is another word for sumo ticket shop. The shops are all part of an organization that is given a certain portion of tickets to sell. The name of this organization, established in 1957 in tandem with the JSA, is Kokugikan Hall Service Company. The price of the tickets goes to the JSA, while the money made on food and souvenirs go to the tea shops.

Are there different types of tickets?

Yes. The following seats are available.

1. tamari-seki (ringside seats)
These are available only to special members of the Tamari Club made up of official sumo supporters. Noeating or drinking is allowed. These tickets are not offered for sale to the general public.
2. masu-seki (box seats) A, B, C
Seats are sets of four cushions divided by metal barriers into boxes for from two to four people. About 90% of these seats are purchased for the entire year by various support groups and corporations via the Kokukigan Service Co. The remaining 10% go on sale about two weeks before a tournament.
3. Reserved chair seats (A, B, C)
4. Non-reserved (same-day) chair seats (adult and child)
5. Special seats sold to persons with handicaps.
6. Box seats


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