"Ozumou.com" is an information site to learn Japanese Sumo in Q & A format.
Sumo is the best way to explore the tradition in the undercurrent of Japanese culture. In particular, it is useful to know the culture supporting Sumo to know the Edo culture. Japanese traditional human relations such as traditional etiquette in a company, workplace and family etc. are still living in Sumo world today as it was. In other words, if you look at the culture of Sumo, you will be able to know not only Japanese culture of old age but also know the current culture in Japan. At first glance, the Sumo world looks total different from daily life in Japan now. However, it has stubbornly maintained the tradition of Japanese culture. Of course, to say that and stick with tradition, it is changing little by little with the times. However, it appears not change much at the moment as the change is quite slow and partially occurs. If you look at the long span, it may be changed significantly. Whatever the case may be, If you want to know the Japanese culture, you should look at the own culture supporting Sumo. In particular, we recommend the foreigners interested in Japanese culture to study the world of Sumo. Then, you should be able to easily understand the behavior and thought flowing the undercurrent of Japanese culture today.

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  • SUMO ABC (43) / Kokugikan brightened up by the Imperial ... - The Japan News January 18, 2017
    The Japan NewsSUMO ABC (43) / Kokugikan brightened up by the Imperial ...The Japan NewsThe Emperor and Empress acknowledge the audience at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan on Jan. 8, the first day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament. 5:00 am ...and more »
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    The SunMassive sumo wrestlers wince and even cry as they are given their ...Mirror.co.ukJust one look at the Japanese tough men would be enough to put people off injections for life.Sumo wrestlers wince and scream in agony while having flu jabs in ...The Sunall 3 news articles »
  • USA Sumo show will raise money for Greater Pittsburgh YMCA - PGH City Paper January 18, 2017
    PGH City PaperUSA Sumo show will raise money for Greater Pittsburgh YMCAPGH City PaperThe show will feature two teams of local celebrity combatants captained by two sumo champions, Byamba and the 600-pound Japanese sumo Yama. Proceeds will benefit the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh. Celebrities include former Steelers punter Josh Miller, ...
  • 鶴竜が休場「横綱らしい相撲取れてない」井筒親方 - 日刊スポーツ January 18, 2017
    鶴竜が休場「横綱らしい相撲取れてない」井筒親方日刊スポーツ横綱鶴竜(31=井筒)が初場所11日目の18日、日本相撲協会に「頸椎(けいつい)斜角筋損傷、左肩鎖関節脱臼にて加療中。今後約1カ月のリハビリテーション加療を要する見込み」との診断書を提出して休場した。 前日の10日目は、玉鷲に敗れて5敗目を喫していた。不戦敗を ...and more »
  • Hawaii Sumo Students Prepare for Tournament in Japan - KITV Honolulu January 18, 2017
    KITV HonoluluHawaii Sumo Students Prepare for Tournament in JapanKITV HonoluluJapan's Grand Champion sumo wrestler Hakuho is sponsoring six Hawaii Sumo students and two coaches to the seventh annual Hakuho Hai (Hakuho Cup) in Japan on January 29th. The wrestlers (ages 10-14) will represent the United States in the ...