"Ozumou.com" is an information site to learn Japanese Sumo in Q & A format.
Sumo is the best way to explore the tradition in the undercurrent of Japanese culture. In particular, it is useful to know the culture supporting Sumo to know the Edo culture. Japanese traditional human relations such as traditional etiquette in a company, workplace and family etc. are still living in Sumo world today as it was. In other words, if you look at the culture of Sumo, you will be able to know not only Japanese culture of old age but also know the current culture in Japan. At first glance, the Sumo world looks total different from daily life in Japan now. However, it has stubbornly maintained the tradition of Japanese culture. Of course, to say that and stick with tradition, it is changing little by little with the times. However, it appears not change much at the moment as the change is quite slow and partially occurs. If you look at the long span, it may be changed significantly. Whatever the case may be, If you want to know the Japanese culture, you should look at the own culture supporting Sumo. In particular, we recommend the foreigners interested in Japanese culture to study the world of Sumo. Then, you should be able to easily understand the behavior and thought flowing the undercurrent of Japanese culture today.

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  • Injury looms over Hakuho's triumph - The Japan Times March 25, 2019
    Injury looms over Hakuho's triumph  The Japan TimesYokozuna Hakuho said Monday he felt an "invisible weight" after suffering an arm injury in the final bout of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, where he rac.
  • Bow-twirling ceremony - The Japan Times March 20, 2019
    Bow-twirling ceremony  The Japan TimesEvery day of a sumo tournament concludes with a bow-twirling ceremony, called yumitori-shiki in Japanese. A rikishi — normally from the makushita division.
  • Scandal-hit Japanese Sumo Association bans beards and tattoos - Bloody Elbow March 19, 2019
    Scandal-hit Japanese Sumo Association bans beards and tattoos  Bloody ElbowLast week News18 reported that the Japanese Sumo Association (JSA) had instituted new regulations in an attempt to clean up the image of the centuries-old ...
  • Sumo 101: Brothers in sumo - The Japan Times March 19, 2019
    Sumo 101: Brothers in sumo  The Japan TimesNormally, brothers in sumo can't fight one another. The only way siblings can meet on the dohyo is in a playoff for the championship. That has happened jus.
  • Sumo 101: Manga - The Japan Times March 16, 2019
    Sumo 101: Manga  The Japan TimesSumo is currently experiencing a boom in popularity overseas. The ability to watch bouts in real time has been a contributing factor, as has the large incr.